A Unique Approach

Both rhythm riders and those familiar with more traditional spin have fallen in love with our unique approach.  Match your coach’s cadence to feel the beat with each pedal stroke or simply find the resistance and RPM ranges shown on either of our giant screens within the studio.  These ranges have been carefully matched to each song making sure you have fun getting every ounce of sweat you have coming to you!

The MYZONE Difference

We all have goals.  It has always been difficult to tell whether a workout is getting the job done or not. The MYZONE Heart Rate System in the Fusion studio is second to none when it comes to giving you a easy, real-time look at what you are really getting accomplished. You can track:

  • Calories Burned
  • Heart Rate
  • And More!

The moment you finish your session at Fusion you will have an email in your inbox giving you a simple look at the numbers that matter most to you! If you train outside the studio with your belt, the next time you attend a class, that data will be automatically uploaded to our cloud and emailed to you within minutes.

Our Instructors

Kassie Budzik Musical Attitude:
Spicy & Sassy

Stacey Edewu Musical Attitude:
Dance/Hip Hop

Kristen Sacky Musical Attitude:
Electronic Dance

Jessica Butcher Musical Attitude:
Ride DescriptionsAt Fusion, we offer Two Different Types of Classes:

Our classic ride that both rhythm riders and those familiar with more traditional spin have fallen in love with.  Match your coach’s cadence to feel the beat with each pedal stroke.  Not gifted with an abundance of rhythm – no problem!  Simply find the resistance and RPM ranges shown on either of our giant screens within the studio.  These ranges have been carefully matched to each song making sure you have fun and get every ounce of sweat you have coming to you!


This completely unique hybrid class blends a 30 minute version of GEAR followed by 30 minutes of an awesome total body workout provided by Train 4 The Game.  Work every muscle within your legs, core, and upper body to ensure you achieve all your fitness goals!

Fusion PUMP Fusion Core Fusion Power

Say goodbye to monthly dues - Fusion Indoor Cycling allows you to ride on your own terms.

STEP 1: Select and purchase one of the options below.

STEP 2: View the schedule to sign up for a particular class time.

Ride Packages

$0 First Class Free


Contact Us for Details

$15 Single Session
$15 Per Ride
(5 Ride Pack)

$15 Per Ride
(10 Ride Pack)

$125 Unlimited Rides
for 1 Month!

Fusion Cares

Spin 2 March - Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation

FUSION Cycling and Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation have teamed up to inspire awareness and educate young adults about the risks of colon cancer.

The foundation creates awareness by targeting the most prevalent risk factors- physical inactivity, obesity, and poor diet.

Please join us as we ride to fight this disease!

Eanes Education Foundation Ride (EEF)

Join us to raise funds for our district in a fun FUSION spin class at Train 4 The Game.

$20 per ride.  $10 Dollars for every seat goes to EEF.   If every seat is filled T4TG/FUSION donates an additional $300 to EEF.

After class, participants Receive a 10 Day Pass to FUSION Indoor Cycling

Bonus Give Back:  For each participant that purchases their first 10 pack before their 10 day pass expires – T4TG/FUSION gives an additional $50 to EEF!  Use promo code:  EEF

Already a client?  – buy a 10 pack and we will still give back $50 to EEF.  Use promo code:  EEF

After class, for those that want to grab a quick bite we will hit the patio at Las Palomas next door….yes, in our workout attire!

**If you are a T4TG member, please reserve and pay as this is a fundraiser specifically to raise funds for EEF.

Step 1:  Click below and buy

Step 2:  Go to the schedule – Oct. 17th – Sign into the EEF ride


We will try our best to answer all of your questions below. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q:I’m new to your studio, how do I get started?

Here is how to get started at Fusion in a few in a few simple steps:

  1. Take a look at our schedule and decide which class you would like to attend.
  2. Create an account. We just need a few details to get you up and riding.
  3. Book a class through the schedule. Your first ride is on the house!

Q:What should I expect?

There is nothing quite like a Fusion class, riding as a group with an inspiring instructor guiding you through the journey. This is all done to a playlist carefully crafted to carry you through the ride with a smile on your face. High-intensity exercise has never been this much fun.

All rides start with a warm-up where we focus on creating flexibility in the joints you will be using most in the class. Once warm-up is over, resistances go up and the fun really begins.  After we heat up the studio, all riders are led though a cool-down. You can always expect to leave Fusion feeling your best.

Q:How fit do I need to be?

You do not have to be fit – our Fusion classes will get you there! The beauty of our classes is that they are suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners to hardened indoor cyclists and rhythm riders. Our coaches certainly give you suggested ranges but ultimately you control the intensity of the workout by adjusting the resistance on your bike. If you are just getting started, you can keep the resistance low. You will be amazed at how much better you get in just a few short weeks!

Q:What different ride packages can I buy?

If you have never been to our studio, your first class is free. One ride will convince you that Fusion Indoor Cycling is the right fit for you!

Once you’ve taken your first Fusion class, you can purchase individual rides or series of rides here.

Q:When can I book a ride?

We typically release the schedule one month at a time but be on the look out for additional classes each week!.

Q:Do I need to book in advance?

Walk-ins are welcome, but to avoid disappointment we recommend you book either online or by phone.

Q:Can I reserve a specific bike?

All bikes are first come, first served. If you plan on training with a friend, make sure you arrive early to guarantee a bike next to each other.

Q:Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, our riders can cancel a reservation up until 2 hours before start time without a penalty.

Q:What happens if I cancel a ride?

As long as you cancel at least 2 hours before the ride is scheduled then there is no penalty. You will be charged for rides that are cancelled within the 2 hour window before the class start time.

Q:The class I want to attend is full – can I get on a waiting list?

Yes! Our scheduling software gives you the option to be put on a waiting list for any full class. If a bike opens up 8 hours before a class is set to start, you will be automatically booked for that ride.

We will notify you by email and your booking will be treated in the same way as any other booking. Please ensure that you are available to take any class for which you are on the waiting list and remove yourself from the waiting list if you can no longer make it.

If a bike becomes available within the 8 hour window we will attempt to contact you to see if you would still like to participate in the class.

Q:What do I need to bring?

You should wear comfortable workout clothing. Padded cycling shorts and indoor cycling shoes with SPD clips are great options.

Bringing a water bottle is highly recommended. Hydrate during and after the class – this indoor cycling is thirsty business!

Everybody gets a sweat towel for class – you will need it.

Q:What about cycling shoes?

All the bikes at Fusion are equipped with cages that allow you to ride in simple athletic shoes. If you decide to make Fusion a part of your workout schedule, you should consider investing in a pair of indoor cycling shoes. These are special shoes that allow you to “clip in” to your pedals and enhance the cycling experience – they give your legs a fuller workout.

Our bikes work with any shoe equipped with SPD (multi-release) cleats.

Q:What bikes do you use?

We spent a lot of time looking for the very best indoor bike around. We chose the new Keiser M3 indoor cycle, which is a joy to ride and comes equipped with a computer that shows you real-time how fast you are pedaling and how hard you are working.

Most importantly, the Keiser M3 bikes are completely adjustable, allowing you to set them up in a way which is just right for your body.

Q:How do I set up my bike?

If you are new to Fusion, we recommend that you get to the studio at least 15 minutes early. Your instructor will help you get your bike positioned correctly. The Keiser M3 bikes are completely adjustable, allowing you to set them up in a way that is just right for your body. Once you have your bike dialed in, we will record those settings for you in our scheduling software and make them available if you forget.

Q:What is the MYZONE Heart Rate System?

The MYZONE Heart Rate System allows you to monitor calories burned, heart rate and percentage of max heart rate simply by looking up at the projection screen in the studio. If you are looking for a little competition, MYZONE provides a handicapping system so you can measure your effort against anyone – regardless of their age or fitness level. MYZONE will also email you within minutes of your workout all the key numbers to keep you motivated. As an added bonus, you can wear your MYZONE belt outside of Fusion Indoor Cycling and store up to 18 hours of time-stamped data. Next time you attend a class, that data will be automatically uploaded to our cloud and emailed to you within minutes.

If you want more details about your workouts, log on to your profile at MYZONEMOVES.com.

Visit the reception desk to learn more about purchasing a MYZONE Heart Rate belt.

Q:Are there showers and lockers?

Yes, we have male and female changing rooms, each with showers fully equipped with shampoo, soap and towels.

The lockers use padlocks, so please bring one if you do not plan on using the lockers made available at reception. Please note that we will cut all padlocks left on the lockers at the end of each day.

Q:How many calories can I burn in a class?

It naturally depends on how long and hard you work. In a typical 45-minute class you should be burning between 600 and 1000 calories.

Q:Can I ride when injured?

Sore pinky – sure.

Broken neck – probably not.

Bad back, leg or other injury – it may well be okay, but please check with the experts at Train 4 The Game or let your instructor know.

Q:Can I ride when pregnant?

Many pregnant women participate in indoor cycling classes well into their pregnancy. It is generally best not to start intensive exercise during pregnancy without first checking with your doctor.

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